Repair issue warranty issue

Our mission at Unified Windows is to provide our customers with the best products and installation experience at affordable prices. We believe that our customers are the most important part of our business and our goal is to ensure that each one is completely satisfied. Sometimes but very rarely one of our products will develop a problem. Our mission when this occurs is to provide the very highest quality customer service as fast as possible. We are committed to working through these issues and providing our customer with a completed repair on their home as if it was our own.
In this case, a few pieces of glass developed condensation between the panes of glass 0000000 years after the job was completed. This is totally covered by our warranty for the glass itself and the labor to install it. We had the replacement glass manufactured to size and went to the customer’s home to install it. The customer turned us away because they felt they were going to get all new windows rather than just the new sealed glass panels. After convincing them personally on the telephone to allow us to complete the repair another day, the customer did not return any of our calls to reschedule the repair. I am not sure why they have chosen to make the claims they have made in their complaint as I can assure you they are not at all true.

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